Beach Street Studio

Carol Gander

Moving from the city to the County has opened up a whole new appreciation for living in harmony with nature.

My landscape work is inspired by the ever-changing moods of Lake Ontario, the drama in our skies, and the tranquility of our rural landscape. As an artist, I convey my love of my natural surroundings to the viewer.

A life-long exposure to art has inspired me to explore and develop my own artistic nature. I began many years ago with ‘Tole’ painting in my spare time. Soon, I wanted to explore the possibilities available in water-colours, acrylics, and oils.

Although I am not formally trained, I always wanted to develop my abilities as an artist. I have taken correspondence courses, on-line courses, and seminars from Loyalist College and instruction from local artists.

I am a member of the Prince Edward County Arts Council, Wellington Artists Group, and a partner in the Arts Trail.

All of my paintings are on display in my gallery, Beach Street Studio, located on the shores of Lake Ontario, in Wellington, Ontario. Other works, including commissions, have found homes in private collections across North America, from San Francisco to Quebec City, as well as the Netherlands.